Hi! I’m Jony Leong. I am a Malaysian entrepreneur, author and speaker who has running several a IT and telecom companies.

Currently, I am the founder and CEO of StarSSip Limited ( licensed Tier 2 Telecom carrier in Hong Kong ) that specialize in wholesale telecom services and mobile VoIP application development for Telecom companies. If you have a project that need to develop own white label mobile applications then that’s where I come in!

I was appointed as chairman of Communication and Multimedia Technology board of Worldwide Consumers Association ( WCA) on year 2015. I am responsible to safeguard the consumers rights globally in the telecom and social media industry.

My Mantra :

Empowering People’s life with Purpose and Happiness through grace.

Therefore, I founded Gracester Ministry ( www.gracester.org ) which focus on empowering people globally through grace story and affirmations.

I have published my first book is “Yes I am who I am” primarily is focusing on self affirmations.

I am Malaysia born Chinese. I speak : English, Malays , Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka and Hokkien.

I live in Johor Bahru( Malaysia ). I enjoy Malaysian Food Cuisine Roti Canai and Curry Chicken Rice.

My personal focus group:

1. Telecommunication and Mobile VoIP
2. Internet Marketing
3. Spirituality Development

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I’ve worked with individuals and companies of all shapes and sizes, so contact me if you’d like to work together on your next project or causes!


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