Special Attention Offer to Telco, DID carriers and wholesale voice service providers!

Special Attention Offer to Telco, DID carriers and wholesale voice service providers!

If you want to expand your telco business in HK, China and Asia Market, I can help you!

If you want to :

  1. Own a corporate company in HK
  2. Or acquire a HK Telco Licensed company
  3. Have your own Hong Kong government telecom license for wholesale service ( OFCA issue SBO license for external telecom services )
  4. Have a local bank account in HSBC Hong Kong at No. 1 Queen Road Central HK


Your benefits:

  1. You can connect with any tier 1 in HK directly via PRI trunk or VoBB for voice wholesale , call center and retail
  2. You can get own range of HK DID from Tier 1.
  3. You can have a local bank in HSBC Hong Kong for zero banking fee to local telco partners
  4. You can have HK local office in central , wan chai or Mongkok.

If you are interested, I can help you about it. My fee is reasonable and negotiable. Please pm me here in LinkedIn or send me an email directly to : Jony (at) jonyleong (dot) com

Start my new day new week with gratitude

What are you grateful today ?

I am grateful that I can have a new day a new week!

I thanks God that I am getting more healthier and wealthier everyday in everyway!

“Father, today I choose to bless You no matter what is going on around me! I thank You for life. Thank You for breath. Thank You for provision, healing, strength and joy. I praise You for abundantly supplying all of my needs so that I can be a blessing to others in Jesus’ name. Amen.” – bro. Jony Leong

Why today 15/3/2017 is SUPER DAY? FOMC? US Debt Ceiling Bills Expire or my birthday ?

Why today 15/3/2017 is SUPER DAY?!
4 Reasons:
1. My birthday
2. FOMC Interest rate resolution and monetary policy statement
3. Netherland Election Day
4. The US debt ceiling bill expires
” I am excited and grateful for all your birthday blessing to me! I hope most traders and investors will make good profit in this special day!
In the name of Jesus, I command blessings, favor, health, provision, protection, dominion and power to fill your life and my life! Amen.”
3月15日 是超级日!三枚核弹将引爆 市场大行情或一触即发
“这是今年以来最疯狂的一周”,而本周三(3月15日)更是其中的“超级日”, 三枚“核弹”将引爆市场:美联储将公布决议,加息几乎没有悬念,但后续加息步伐受到高度关注;