Paypal Verification Guide

Please follow this video guide at URL :


STEP 1: Please write down your PayPal email in this chat message.

STEP 2: Please upload ID & Selfie holding your ID or Passport or Driver’s License. ( For Name and Address Verification )

Why upload your ID for this trade?
Ans: If you provide and upload your ID, I will verified your name and I will confirm that you are a trusted buyer. You can build up your good reputation in bitcoin community.
You will be able to buy from other sellers once you are verified with real name as good trader.

I have traded bitcoin with more than 3000+ buyers who paid using paypal,skrill and neteller.
This process is to prevent online fraud or dispute after the purchase.
– Please follow this video guide at URL :

If you traded with small volume like $10 or below, you can skip to upload ID process. ( Not Recommended )
If you want to buy more than $20, you must provide Real ID/ driving license or passport for name and address verification.